The quality of Flova is not only due to its excellent functional design, but also advanced manufacturing techniques and globally recognised supply partners.


Our Design

At Flova we adopt pragmatic design principals to unify beauty and innovative technologies for complete interaction with nature’s most precious resource. We are an innovator and leader of core technologies in the industry for bath and kitchen products.

R&D flova tap

100% Quality

The finest grade of 100% solid virgin brass is specified for all our products to ensure strength & durability. Offering low-lead compliant product for the environment and our health.

We compliment our brassware with world leading components to endure the test of time.

Our materials are pre-approved to not just meet, but to exceed industry standard.

Our materials

Making the Mould

Making your own mould is very rare within the industry, but to guarantee quality we manufacture our own moulds which gives us the full autonomy over quality control. Often moulds can be overused, causing splits and defects in the casting. Something that isn’t ever a possibility with Flova.

Flova CNC Machine

The Waterways

Our expertise in design & mould development allows us to create complex waterflow structures.

A sand & resin compound is compressed into the mould. This forms a cast to prevent molten brass entering the water ways.

Gravity Casting


We pride ourselves on utilising gravity die casting technology, to achieve superior dimensional accuracy, creating precise internal waterways and a smooth cast finish.

Resulting for an uncompromising quality experience.

IMR gravity casting – Gravity casting machines produce the highest quality components with superior dimensional accuracy, precise internal waterways and a smooth cast finish for an uncompromising quality experience

Flova Casting

Our CNC Centre

Advanced CNC machining centres allow for single set-up, multi-stage machining processes, repeatable quality and consistency in manufacture. Dynamic programming capability’s transfer 3D product data for efficiently, all to meet our exacting standards.

Automated CNC machining ensures high quality precision and accuracy with exacting consistency and replication.

CNC Center

Robotic Polishing

We combine intelligent robotic polishing with hand crafting polishing to guarantee a flawless mirror finish. Polishing robots ensure efficiency and replication in appearance, whilst final hand polishing creates superior, simply stunning products.

A harmonious combination of innovative technology and tradition.


In-house Plating

To be able to be so confident in the products we manufacture, we need to be in control of our own plating line. We invested in a fully automated in-house plating facility which enables us to do so.

Our state of the art in-house, fully automated plating facility signifies our passion for manufacturing excellence. It has been developed to exceed the highest industry standards, creating beautiful products that will endure the test of time, even in the most demanding environments.

Diamond Chrome

Our Diamond Chrome is created by utilising 7 key processes. We believe that by adding additional steps into our process, we have created a bond between brass and chrome like no other.

PVD – colour finishes

PVD is an industry leading method of producing a strong & durable colour finish, stronger and more sustainable than chrome. Our in-house PVD centre allows us full control in our process, manufacturing a colour finish that we guarantee for 15 years.

plating line flova

Quality Control

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and it is our passion to manufacture product to the most excellent of standards.

Our comprehensive quality control process and management system is adhered to, from raw material receipt, through manufacturing, to final assembly.